> Education is a universal public good > Respect and tolerate difference of opinion > The purpose of education is: to push the frontiers of knowledge, to improve the lives of society, for fairness and justice

Web Site Sources

  • Challenge 2000 Project-problem Based Learning & Multimedia Web Site (USA)
  • CPBL PBL Resources, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (USA)
  • University of Delawarre Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education (USA)
  • Buck Institute for Education - Project Based Learning
  • The Kasus Project: Problemoriented Learning in Medical Education, Internet-Based Telelearning
  • Maastricht PBL-site: Problem-Based Learning, Maastricht University (NL)
  • NASA Classroom of the Future
  • The Network:Community Partnerships for Health through Innovative Education, Service, and Research
  • San Diego State University - Edweb (USA)
  • Thames Valley University London (UK)
  • The Teaching and Educational Development Institute (TEDI), University of Queensland
  • Web for Teachers



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